【Hitachi】 VOS1/ES

 VOS1/ES was a general-purpose OS for small to medium computers, developed as an upper system of VOS1-S and VOS1.
 VOS1/ES inherited the simplicity and mobility advantages of these systems and realized enhanced functions such as micro-mainframe coupling and multimedia processing in order to adapt to a broader range of business operations.
 Figure 1 shows the purposes of VOS1/ES.

Figure 1

Figure 1 "Purposes of VOS1/ES"

 Hitachi announced VOS1/ES in May 1982 and started shipping it in October 1983.

 VOS1/ES had the following features:

Feature Description
Integrated OS based on micro-mainframe coupling The user can extract only the required portion of a critical business database to a workstation, and perform slip format change, conversion of data into graphics, data addition, etc.
Multimedia processing The OS enables unified processing of office information consisting of numbers, kana characters, kanji characters, graphics, documents, etc.
Increased software productivity Achieves development of a system that is much more productive, reliable and maintainable through system development support tool EAGLE.
Easy-to-use relational database
  • Relational database RDB1 allows the end user to directly use a database.
  • End-user language ACE allows the end user to perform database search without a program.
Support for diversifying networks
  • Allows new media, VAN and inter-company communication
  • Achieves a distributed network
Powerful DB/DC (database/data communication) function
  • General-purpose DB/DC system with DCCM3
  • Simple DB/DC system with CUTE2
Automation/laborsaving of system operation and management Provides HISCOPE, which systematizes software/hardware products supporting automation/laborsaving from power-on to power-off.
This reduces complex console operations and scheduling work.
Easy-to-use workstation Provides interactive control system ES/IEX, which enables execution of a series of business operation processing tasks (program creation, job execution, etc.) in an interactive manner using a workstation.

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