【Unoke Electronic Industries】USAC-1010

The USAC-1010, developed by Unoke Electronic Industries (renamed USAC Electronic Industrial in 1969 and PFU in 1987) in 1963, was an ultra-compact computer that superseded the USAC-3010.

The USAC-1010 computer had improved capabilities for office processing applications and was sold for 5.5 million yen, which was relatively inexpensive at the time. In addition to having better usability for office processing, such as simplified handling of kana characters and special characters, the USAC-1010 came with form printing functions, a high-speed paper tape puncher, and an optoelectric paper tape reader that had previously only been used with mid-sized and larger computers.

With these features, the USAC-1010 contributed to the modernization of office operations at the time and was widely used for small-scale batch processing of local government administration procedures and computation center procedures. The market warmly accepted the USAC-1010 and the later improved USAC-1020 and 1020S models, and they helped form part of the office computer category in Japan.

The main specifications of the USAC-1010 were as follows:

(1)Set of 35 instructions (including 7 types of conditional jump instructions) — the instruction set was largely taken from the USAC-3010
(2)250 kHz dynamic logic circuits gave addition and subtraction calculation speeds of 1.25 milliseconds
(3)Core memory used as the main memory — 200 words of basic memory and 1,000 words of extended memory
(4)Six digits (signed) per word
(5)Paper tape used as the program storage medium