Sharp rolled out the OA-410 in December 1990 to enhance and extend the features of the OA-310. The OA-410 came configured with the UNIX System V operating system, up to four MC68040 25-MHz processors, and a fixed disk with up to 4.8 Gigabytes in storage. It could be used as a highly reliable file server because it was standard equipped with a disk-mirroring function and an uninterruptable power supply. It could control 128 terminals and 256 POS terminals.
The OA-410 supported integrated office systems that connected to existing computers and it supported standard UNIX network protocols, such as NFS and TCP/IP. For ISDN support, it handled INS-NET 64 to enable communications with a wider range of third-party computers.
For software development, it used the fourth-generation SCHIPOL-II language, with extended features, as a CASE tool. It also came with a Japanese version of UNIFY, a relational database system.
The OA-410 was connectable to a wide range of peripherals, including LCD sensor panels and high-speed 400 LPM kanji line printers that had been supported by older models in the OA processor series.