【NEC】Express 5800/600 Series

NEC rolled out the Express 5800/600 series in October 1997, which could be used to construct core systems that made office server resources available from Windows NT applications. The series ran Windows NT on Intel Pentium Pro processors. In addition to running commercial Windows NT software, such as groupware and WWW server software, the Express 5800/600 models were loaded with A-VXIV, a middleware package that enabled the use of office server resources. NEC also provided NT*A-VX connectivity software, which connected WWW server software and Windows NT applications with office server resources. With these software packages, it was possible to construct new core systems, such as intranets, that gave access to accumulated mission-critical resources and assets from browsers and Windows NT applications.

All models were outfitted with 200 MHz Pentium Pro processors and high-speed 100 Mbps LAN boards. With seven models, from a standalone model to the top four-CPU model, the Express 5800/600 series offered a 100-fold performance range. For improved reliability, NEC added a RAID 5 disk array, a 12 GB DAT unit, a UPS, and other hardware components. It also equipped all models with ESMPRO/ServerManager, an application that monitored system operations, and included fallback operation for the disk array, alongside Express Reporting Service, a preventative maintenance service that informed users of signs of an imminent fault from the monitoring center.

Specifications of selected Express 5800/600 series models
Model 610 670 690
CPU One 200 MHz Pentium Pro Two 200 MHz Pentium Pro Four 200 MHz Pentium Pro
Cache memory Primary 16KB 16KBB 16KBB
Secondary 256KB 1MB 4MB
Main memory:
standard — maximum
32MB — 288MB 128MB — 2GB 384MB — 4GB
Internal disk
standard — maximum
3.2GB — 3.2GB 12GB — 51.6GB 24GB — 103.2GB

NEC Express 5800/600 series