【NEC】7200 Series

In May 1993 NEC began selling 14 pedestal models as the 7200 series of office server systems, which boosted cost effectiveness by as much as 80 percent. It also rolled out two desktop models as the 7100 series. The series featured enhanced LAN connectivity with internal LAN controllers as standard equipment alongside PC and UNIX system connectivity. Cost effectiveness was improved with the inclusion of multiple LSIs, including the single-chip NEC IDP3Z microprocessor, a high-speed system bus, and the DB engine, a specialized hardware module that accelerated file processing. NEC added reliability to the series with the use of disk arrays and hot-standby features.

Specifications of selected models
Model 20 50 100 150
Memory 6MB—24MB 12MB—64MB 32MB—256MB 160MB—512MB
Disk capacity 340MB—5.93GB 1.05GB—21GB 4.2GB—116.2GB 8.4GB—193.5GB
No. of workstation connections 16 96 640 2400

NEC 7200 series of office server systems