【Mitsubishi Electric】Entrance Series

Mitsubishi Electric announced the new Entrance series of servers in September 2000. These server models gave seamless coverage of e-business and mission-critical applications in one unit.

The Entrance Series implemented an application integration hub (AIH), which connected mission-critical applications, e-business applications, and data-warehouse applications by means of an XML-based request broker, known as an Internet integration broker (IIB). Making use of AIH, Entrance models offered a rich repertoire of solutions, which utilized open database systems such as Oracle 8i and SQL Server, from Web front-end systems to back-end data warehouses, such as Internet information delivery systems, Internet order-taking systems, and Web application development and execution environments.

Entrance servers achieved a dramatic increase in performance by running e-business and mission-critical applications on four function-specific processors, as follows:

  • Integrated Windows processor (IP): An Intel processor for high-speed execution of mission-critical and information-retrieval/analysis applications in Windows NT
  • Extended Windows processor (XP): An Intel processor that runs Internet applications; for security reasons, this processor is separate from the processor running mission-critical applications
  • DP-XP processor (DP): A processor running the DP-UX core business operating system Mitsubishi Electric had developed for office computers
  • Relational database processor GREO: A Mitsubishi Electric-developed relational database processor for sorting, generating index keys, and running database searches; can improve sorting speeds by 100 to 1,000 times compared to a system without GREO

The Entrance series consisted of the model 700, which boasted the top performance, reliability, and scalability of the series, the model 500, a compact model that rivaled the model 700 in performance, the model 300, which delivered excellent cost effectiveness, and the model200, a model that prioritized affordability.

Specifications of the Entrance series
  model 700
types 1 to 5
model 500
types 1 to 5
model 300
types 1 to 4
model 200
types 1 to 3
Processor configuration*1 IP 1 (4 max.) 1 (2 max.) 1 (2 max.) 1 (1 max.)
XP 1 (4 max.) 1 (2 max.)
DP 1 1 1 1
GREO 1 (4 max.) 1 (2 max.) 1 (1 max.)
Main memory unit 640MB
(7 GB max.)
(4.25 GB max.)
(2 GB max.)
(1 GB max.)
Fixed disk unit 51GB
(1251 GB max.)
(680 GB max.)
(215 GB max.)
(36 GB max.)
Backup unit Standard Standard Standard Standard/optional *2
Max. number of physical lines 74 58 30 1−11*2
Auto operation unit Standard Standard Standard Standard
Workstations/printers 1280/1000 480/384 128/64 8−64/4−32*2
UPS Standard Standard External optional External/internal optional*2
Operating systems Windows NT 4.0,DP-UX H00
(*1)IP: Integrated Windows processor
   XP: Extended Windows processor
   DP: DP-UX processor
   GREO: Relational database processor
(*2)Specification varies between model types.

Mitsubishi Electric Entrance series
From the left, the 700, 500, and 300/200 models