【Fujitsu】FUJITSU K-6000α Series1

The Fujitsu K-6000α series of office computers was the successor to the K-6000 series. Together with the K-1500α series of office workstations, Fujitsu announced nine lines and 26 models*1 in November 1994. The K-6000α series was positioned as business servers*2 that provided client-server work environments by networking PCs and servers together. In terms of features, the K-6000α series extended the substantial functional upgrades*3 made to the K-6000α series in October 1993.

Features of the K-6000α series:

(1) Field upgradable
(2) New BS*NET software
(3) Enhanced processors and more main memory capacity and disk capacity

The following features apply to all models except the K-6500α DT models:

(4) All models were standard equipped with mirrored disks
(5) Connectable to 100 Mbps high-speed LANs that support the fiber distributed data interface (FDDI)
(6) Standard equipped with a 230 MB double-density magneto-optical disk drive
*1. The K-6000α series consisted of three lines and 13 models (see table below). The K-1500α series consisted of six lines and 13 models (K-1300α/10, 30; K-1600α/10, 20, 30; K-1600αNB/05, 10; K-1600αNX/05, 10; K-1600αLT/10, 20; K-1600αLX/10, 20).
*2. Fujitsu’s generic term for business-use servers including office computers and UNIX servers. The K-6000α series shared a cabinet design with the DS90/7000 series of UNIX servers. Fujitsu began using the term business server in October 1993 with the K-6000 series upgrades.
*3. These upgrades included the joint use of a proprietary 64-bit RISC architecture and the previous CISC architecture and enhanced PC connectivity software (the RDA/SV remote database access software, etc.) and were seen as the precursor to the K-6000α series.

Fujitsu continued to make upgrades to the K-6000α series until November 1996.

Specifications of the K-6000α series
Line (model names below) K-6500α K-6700α K-6900α
Introduced November 1994
No. of CPUs 1 1 2 3
Main memory capacity 8MB − 16MB 8MB − 128MB 32MB − 2920MB 64MB − 512MB
Disk capacity 973MB
− 1.9GB
− 25.0GB
− 165.8GB
− 293.8GB
Max. number of directly connectable workstations 6 112 336 896
Max. number of LAN connectable workstations 1024 2048
Max. number of communication lines 3 49 89 128
Operating system ASP
Other details
  • The CPU integrated a 64-bit RISC*1 architecture and a conventional CISC*2 architecture
  • Standard equipped with an integrated UPS to handle power outages caused by lightning or other factors
  • Supplied with a semiconductor disk unit (65 MB/132 MB) capable of high-speed access
  • Supplied with a magneto-optical disk library unit

*1. RISC: Reduced instruction set computer.

*2. CISC: Complex instruction set computer.

The specifications above were correct at the time the products were announced. Some specifications were later revised due to product upgrades.

on the desktop.Fujitsu K-6500α The K-1600αII is on the desktop.
The K-1600αII is in the foreground.