【Toshiba】 TOSBAC-1350

This was a small business computer marketed by Toshiba in 1973. It was equipped with a 2.45 megabyte capacity replaceable magnetic disk unit, and a low-noise dot matrix serial printer capable of printing at 72 characters/second (which was high-speed for the time). The target applications included: the central machine in small-scale systems, branch machines in large-scale systems, and terminals for online systems. To realize these applications, the TOSBAC-1350 was equipped with features such as: an intelligent terminal comprised of a keyboard and printer and equipped with functions for tasks like input/output data editing, inline connection capability for connection with numeric keypad terminals installed within 1km, and communication capabilities for connecting a large central electronic computer with remote terminals via communication lines.

The system was designed to facilitate quick start-up of user systems, with a wealth of application packages for specific tasks such as production management systems, general accounting systems PERT/TIME, and agricultural coop systems.

On the other hand, the machine was equipped with a standard system and extended system I as basic software. The standard system was a so-called entry-level system, and the program template based Prepack and MAP (assembler) could be used as a programming environment. The extended system I provided more comprehensive libraries as a programming environment, and supported online systems and continuous execution of programs.
In addition to the TOSBAC-1350, the series included the Model III (announced in May 1975 as a high-end machine) and the Model V. (The product line was comprised of the TOSBAC-1350, the TOSBAC-1350 Model III and the TOSBAC Model V. The name "Model I" was not formally given to the bottom end model.)

The Model III achieved higher speed, improved functionality and greater capacity using improved hardware, and at the same time, added (as the basic system) an expansion system II enabling triple multiprocessing, and MDES/1350 which enabled background processing and multi-entry from 8 terminals at the same time. The simple procedural language MPG and JIS 3000 standard FORTRAN (the smallest subset of FORTRAN defined by JIS standard at the time) were added as part of the programming environment.
The Model V was positioned as the TOSBAC-1350 top-end model, but it could also be regarded as a low-end ACOS-200. In terms of programming environment, it supported COBOL which was source compatible with the ACOS-200. The TOSBAC-1350 and TOSBAC-1350 Model III only provided features like data compatibility and conversion tools.

TOSBAC-1350 Series Hardware Specifications
  TOSBAC-1350 TOSBAC-1350 Model III TOSBAC-1350 Model V
Memory element IC memory IC memory IC memory
Cycle time   0.8µsec/byte 0.6µs/byte
Memory capacity 8KB-32KB 16KB-32KB 32KB-64KB
Number of instructions 59 59 61
Input/Output channels   16 16
Magnetic disk 2.45MB 9.8MB 9.8MB-39.2MB
Magnetic disk 800bpi 800bpi 800bpi
Magnetic tape (optional) 1600bpi(800bpi) 1600bpi(800bpi) 1600bpi(800bpi)