【Oki Electric Industry】 OKITACsystem9V Series

In 1982, Oki Electric Industry announced the OKITACsystem9 V57 Series (Models 200, 300, 500 and 700) which was equipped with Japan's first kana-kanji continuous phrase conversion function to make kanji (Chinese character) processing even easier. This series was equipped with an operating system for true real-time processing, with multitasking capability for controlling a maximum of 250 tasks. Online processing was also developed to enable vertical and horizontal distributed processing, and file transfer could be done easily in a fashion similar to file copying. Memory capacity ranged from 512 kilobytes to a maximum of 1.5 megabytes, and could be expanded to 10-80

megabytes with a hard disk unit. A sheet slide keyboard was standard, and pen-touch input was still available.
The OKITACsystem9 V60 Series (models 350, 450, 550, 650 and 750)
was announced later in 1985. It provided support for things like communication between AP, relational databases and LAN printers, and had enhanced online/network capability. The V60 Series was succeeded in 1987 by the V60SX Series, with an enhanced CPU.

OKITACsystem9 V57 Series Specifications
  Model 200 Model 300 Model 500 Model 700 Model 800
Announcement date September 1982 September 1984
CPU 16bit LSI
Main memory capacity 256KB- 384KB- 512KB- 512KB-1.5MB 1.5MB-2MB
CRT 14inch CRT, Japanese language 1000char, alphanumeric/kana 2000char Max. 16, green or color, 14inch 40char x 24line, alphanumeric/kana 80char x 24line
Keyboard JIS layout or sheet slide, selectable
Printer (Basic) Japanese language printer, kanji 40char/s, kana 120char/s, 24x24dot Japanese language ultra high-speed printer, kanji 60char/s, kana 150char/s, 24x24dot Japanese language ultra high-speed printer, kanji 125char/s, kana 220char/s, 24x24dot Selectable from 4 types:
ET-8300: Kanji 40char/s
ET-8530: Kanji 60char/s
DP-1000: Kanji 125line/min
DP-2000: Kanji 240line/min
External memory unit FDD 1MBx2 Magnetic disk, selectable from 10, 20, 40 or 80MB Magnetic disk 80MB x1-4
OKITACsystem9 V60 Series Specifications
Model Model 350 Model 450 Model 550 Model 650 Model 750
Main memory unit Element VLSI (256K RAM)
Memory capacity 1MB-2MB
Floppy disk 5inch Basic x2 x1
Expansion x1
8inch expansion x1
Magnetic disk Basic capacity - 20MB 40MB 67MB or 134MB
Maximum capacity - 40MB 80MB 536MB
CRT 14inch (selectable from greenish-yellow, green and color (7 color))
Kana 80char x 25line, Kanji 40char x 25line
Keyboard JIS layout or sheet slide, selectable
Printer Selectable from 5 types of printer and 3 types of line printer
  • PRKA: Kanji 50char/s
  • PRKB: Kanji 40char/s
  • PRKD: Kanji 60char/s
  • PRKE: Kanji 176char/s
  • PRKF: Kanji 80char/s
Line printer
  • LKPA: Kanji 125line/min
  • LPKB: Kanji 180line/min
  • LPKC: Kanji 230line/min
Workstation expansion CRT -x1 2-3 4-5 15-16
Keyboard JIS layout or sheet slide, selectable
Communication lines (optional) x2
Backup magnetic tape - Expansion possible

OKITACsystem9 V Series, Model 450OKITACsystem9 V Series, Model 750