【Oki Electric Industry】 OKITACsystem9 K Series

The OKITACsystem9 K Series, announced by Oki Electric Industry in 1980, was the leader in achieving total conversion to kanji (Chinese characters). In the office computers of the time, only the screen display had been converted to kanji, and kana was dominant in data entry and document printing. With the OKITACsystem9 K, it became possible to perform tasks such as kanji input using a special-purpose book, and document printing with a kanji printer. Messages from the operating system were also displayed in kanji, thereby eliminating confusion for Japanese readers.

  Model K30 Model K50 Model K60 Model K70
Announcement date May 8, 1979 October 1, 1979
Basic processing unit Memory element MOS IC
Memory capacity 128KB-256KB
Cycle time 0.7µs
Kanji JIS level 1 and level 2, 6,349char
Console typewriter Print speed 90char/s, 60char/s (Kanji)
Keyboard AIEUO layout, JIS layout
Display 40char x 2line
External memory unit Disk - Hard disk unit 10MB Disk pack unit 20MB Disk pack unit 40MB
Floppy disk drive Floppy disk drive 512kB 1MB x2
Peripheral equipment Line printer Ο
Magnetic tape unit Ο
Character display Ο14inch CRT display
Paper tape reader Ο
Paper tape punch Ο
Card reader Ο
Mark sheet feeder Ο
Communications controller Ο-5line (200bps~9600bps)

OKITACsystem9 Kanji Series Model K30OKITACsystem9 Kanji Series Model K70