【Oki Electric Industry】 OKIMINITAC Series

The OKIMINITAC5000, announced by Oki Electric industry in 1966 as a computer for office use, performed both real-time and batch processing for billing, and was capable of simultaneously processing different jobs with up to 8 OKITYPER typewriters. To achieve this functionality, the main memory unit was 16 kilobytes magnetic core, and sorting processing was done with a 67 kilobytes magnetic drum.

The OKIMINITAC500, which was marketed next in 1967, was capable of simultaneous and automatic calculation and making table generation, and the necessary data could be output to paper tape for linking with a large electronic computer or for transferring data. Processing procedures used a system which 10 types of instructions were combined, and stored in memory from a program board. The front panel of the OKIMINITAC500 was equipped with program select switch panel, for truncating up/down and rounding, a comma insertion, a constant/date, a constant dial, print digit dial and truncate digit dial. A program patch board was housed in the lower pocket, and by using these switches and the program patch board, we could to generate multiple bills together with the OKITYPER.

The OKIMINITAC710, which used the stored program system, was marketed in 1971, and was not limited to billing processing. It was used for a wide range of clerical tasks, including classification and tabulation. ICs were used throughout for arithmetic units, and the design was compact, housing the main unit in the bottom of the typewriter. The system also allowed for paper tape input/output, and was equipped with a numeric keypad. The memory unit stored 400 words, and the number of instructions was 32.

Announcement date 1966
*Central processing unit Control system Stored program system
Arithmetic element Transistors, diodes
Memory element Magnetic core: 8,192byte, 16,384byte
Magnetic drum: 67,528byte
Cycle time Magnetic core: 4µsec
Access time Magnetic drum, Average 20µsec
Data format byte (8bit parity)
Word format Variable length, Fixed length
Index register 2
Number of instructions 59
Interrupt processing Input/Output operation end interrupt, Terminal key interrupt
*Typewriter bill printing Printing speed 500char/min
Paper tape reading speed 500char/min
Paper tape perforation speed 500char/min
Kinds of movable type Max. 144
Edge card Usable
*Photoelectric tape reader Code 6 unit, 8 unit
Reading speed 200char/sec or 400char/sec
*High-speed tape punch Code 6 unit, 8 unit
Reading spee 1,500char/sec
*Line printer Printing system Flying belt system
Printing speed 270lines/min
Characters per line 120
*Magnetic tape unit Recording density 200bit/inch
Reading speed 190cm
Winding speed 380cm
Tape length 2,400 feet
Information transfer speed 15KB
OKIMINITAC500 Specifications
Announcement date 1966
Processing system Programmed system
Circuit composition Static clock pulse (20kc/s) synchronization system using transistors and diodes
Number representation Fixed point system
Binary coded decimal
Signal serial/parallel transfer
Arithmetic Addition/Subtraction, 10-digit result, Speed 0.5ms
Multiplication, 10-digit result, Average 12.4ms, Max. 45.5ms
Constants Freely selectable to type out 6 digits in one set, or to use for calculation
Number of printing digits 1~10
External dimensions 190mm(W)×485mm(D)×357mm(H)