【NEC】 NEAC System 50II, 100II, 150II

In February 1980, NEC announced the NEAC System 50II, 100II, and 150II. These were full-fledged Japanese language interactive office computers(*) which had enhanced hardware and software to improve on the ease-of-use of interactive office computers such as the NEAC System 150, announced in 1978, and all of which were enabled to be equipped with Japanese language processing system.

*: Office computers are small business computers specialized in office operation.
These computers had the following features:
1) They achieved interactive data processing using the Japanese language.
A Japanese language workstation with a 24x24 dot display was developed to make it easy to read interactive statements comprised of kanji (Chinese characters) and hiragana. A Japanese language processing system with high processing capacity was achieved by enhancing interactive guidance capabilities, and by connecting a line printer capable of printing 60 lines per minute of 24x24 dot Minchotai characters.
2) This was the first family of office computers in Japan where Japanese language features were not limited to special purpose models. All models were capable of Japanese language data processing.
3) These systems enabled combined use of Japanese language processing and conventional data processing systems, and enabled successive extension of work by adding Japanese language processing functions to conventional data processing.

NEC System 50II, 100II, 150II Specifications
Item NEAC System 50II Japanese Language NEAC System 100II NEAC System 150II
Model 40II Model 60II Model 80II
Announced February 1980
Central processing unit Max. memory capacity 112KB (User) 256KB 256KB 512KB 512KB
Console or workstation Japanese language console 1 -
Workstation - Japanese language or alphanumeric character workstation
Floppy disk Capacity 1MB/drive
Connected units Max. 4
Magnetic disk Capacity - 16/32/64MB
Connected units Max. 4
Printer Japanese language printer Line printer
Japanese language printer
Serial printer
Operating system ITOS ITOS
Language COBOL, Interactive language SMART COBOL, FORTRAN, Interactive language SMART

NEAC System 50II