【NEC】 NEC System 20/25, 50/35, 100/45, 150/55

In April 1981, NEC announced a new family of computers comprised of the NEC System 20/25 and 5 other models. This family covered a wide range while retaining the same basic software -- from the personal computer high-end, to the general-purpose small computer low-end.
These products had the following main features:
1) The bottom-end model, the NEC System 20/25, had the capabilities of an office computer(*), combined with the ease-of-use of a personal computer. In addition to the standard keyboard, it was also equipped with a touch keyboard enabling one-touch item input.

*: An office computer is a small business computer specialized in office operation.
2) The high-end machines were ideal as on-site computers for distributed processing systems at large companies.
3) To enhance Japanese language processing capabilities, these products offered: a Japanese language printer (60 lines/min (24x24 dot), or 100 lines/min (18x18 dot)), a Japanese language serial printer (70 char/second (18x18 dot)), a Japanese language CRT display (1,000 char (color, monochrome)), a format overlay function, and kanji (Chinese character) dictionary files for finance/accounting, payroll, sales management and production management.

NEC System 20/25, 50/35, 100/45, 100/85, 150/55
Item NEC System 20/25 NEC System 50/35 NEC System 100/45 NEC System 100/85 NEC System 150/55
Announcement April 1981
Central processing unit Max. memory capacity 48KB (Note 1) 48KB (Note 1) 512KB 768KB 1,024KB
Arithmetic element MOS LSI Bipolar LSI
Display station Standard processing Alphanumeric and kana, 2,000char (80char x 25line), 120 kanji
Japanese processing - Kanji 1,000char (40char x 25line), 640char (40char x 16line)
Alphanumeric and kana 2,000char (80char x 25line), approx. 8,000 different characters
Floppy disk Capacity 1MB/drive
Number connected Max. 4 Max. 3 Max. 4 2
Magnetic disk Capacity¾ - 19MB/disk 19/31MB
Number connected 1 2 4 4
Magnetic tape Cartridge type - - 1/4inch width, 4track/tape
Reel type - - 1/2 width, 9track/tape x2
Serial printer Standard processing 35char/s, 100char/s 35char/s, 100char/s, 200char/s
Japanese language processing - 70char/s
Line printer - - 100line/min, 200line/min 100line/min, 400line/min, 530line/min, 200line/min, 420line/min (for OCR)
Japanese language printer - 60line/min, 100line/min
Operating system ITOS-1(N) ITOS-1(N)
Language Package created with COBOL-4 and SMART COBOL-4
High-level COBOL, COBOL-4

Note 1: User area

NEC System 20/25NEC system 50/35NEC System 100/45