【Hitachi】 HITAC-1

The HITAC-1 was commercialized as a true billing machine in 1970.

This system was manufactured by Nippon Signal, and was equipped with a printing bar type electric typewriter, a paper tape reader and a paper tape punch. A distinguishing feature of the HITAC-1 is that it used a paper tape system instead of a memory internal storage system for programs. With this approach, the user him or herself translated a program into symbols the machine could understand, and then punched those symbols into paper tape. Then the program was executed by attaching the end of the tape to an endless reel, and reading it with an optical tape reader. If there was a conditional or jump instruction, the paper tape was fed forward or back, and this took time. At the time, the system was equipped with a powerful typewriter, so bill printing could be executed at a fairly high speed.

The HITAC 80/10 was commercialized in 1971 as a machine for processing data on tape produced by the HITAC-1.