【Hitachi】 HITAC L-320

As information processing systems spread from headquarters departments to plants and sales offices, Hitachi developed the HITAC L-320 not as a conventional batch system or online real-time system, but rather as a distributed processing system based on the idea of "doing processing necessary for a site at that site".

This product was a forerunner of office computers, and could be used as an office computer at small-scale business sites.

The features of the HITAC L-320 system were as follows:

  1. In terms of routine work, this system could handle tasks such as billing, data entry, simple calculations and tabulation processing at the business or work site.
  2. The system allowed simple creation of programs for specific tasks like the above using a simple parameter description language called RFD (Record Format Descriptors).

Other models in the HITAC L-320 Series were developed later: the HITAC L-320/30H, 50H and 30D equipped with Japanese language document editing capability (word processing capability) with enhanced kanji (Chinese character) features, and the HITAC L-320/60 which realized a multi-station system.

HITAC L-320 Model 8/9