【Fujitsu】 FACOM K-10

This was a desk-top office computer (small business computer used in an office) from Fujitsu, it was announced as a model comprising the FACOM K Series in May 1984.

The biggest feature of the FACOM K-10 was the fact that it achieved two types of functionality: the functionality of a standalone office computer, and the workstation functionality of a host computer. In terms of the first type of functionality, it achieved improvement in ease-of-use and work performance by, for example, enabling simultaneous execution of two types of processing -- i.e. task processing (for sales tasks etc.) and OA(Office Automation) processing (document creation etc.) -- and switching between the two associated processing screens with one-touch operation. The FACOM K-10 offered a vertically-distributed processing system, which could be called a forerunner of client server systems. This system enabled, for example, connection of the FACOM K-200 Series as a host computer in a network, use at the host computer of data created with the OA processing software (EPOC Series) of the FACOM K-10, and distributed development of host programs with the FACOM K-10. This outstanding operability and functionality was very popular among customers, and the customer base grew rapidly, in accordance with the FACOM K-10 catch phrase "adopt small, and rapidly grow large".

The FACOM K-10R was announced in May 1986 as an enhanced machine with higher CPU speed and expanded memory capacity. It subsequently developed into the FACOM K-100 Series.

FACOM K-10 and FACOM K-10R Main Specifications
Model name FACOM K-10 FACOM K-10R
Announcement date April 1984 May 1986
CPU i8086 8MHz i80286 8MHz
Main memory capacity Max. 1MB (User area 192KB/384KB) Max. 2MB (User area 256KB/512KB)
Built-in disk unit 5inch 20MB x1 (Basic) ~ x2 5inch -/20/43 MB
Built-in floppy disk 5inch/8inch
Type with no built-in disk: x2
Type with built-in disk: x1
Type with no built-in disk: x2
Type with built-in disk: x1
Lines Max. 1 line Max. 2 lines