【Casio】 Σ-T1210

The Σ("Sigma")-T1210 was an electronic tabulating computer announced in 1966 as a replacement for the relay-based computers Casio had been developing for many years.
It used magnetic core memory, and was equipped with ten 12-digit memory registers. There were two types of program for the program unit: wire ring programs (144 steps) and punch-board programs (48 steps). This enabled linkage with electric and punch typewriters, and this machine earned an outstanding reputation as a high-performance tabulating computer.

  • Main Specifications
  • Digit capacity: Addition/Subtraction/Entry=12 digits, Multiplier=11 digits, Multiplicand=11 digits, Product=12 digit memory=10 sets of 12 digits
  • Computing elements: Transistors, diodes, magnetic core memory
  • Arithmetic speed: Addition/Subtraction=0.002 seconds, Multiplications=0.2 seconds, Output printing=500 characters/minute