【Casio】 Cabicon O-1

The Cabicon 0-1 (Model "Oh-One") was announced in 1963.

This product combined an electric typewriter, capable of reading from and writing to punched paper tape, with a relay computer. This made it possible to execute programs and input/output data via punched paper tape, and enabled linkage whereby tasks such as bill input could be done with multiple Cabicons, after which the data was converted to punched tape for central processing with a Casio computer. The system could also handle a type of media called "edge cards" which had a wider paper width than paper tape and were in card form. If, for example, an edge card was created for each customer and the necessary information was punched in, information could be input simply by placing the card in the reader during billing, and this contributed greatly to reducing labor.

Cabicon O-1