【Toshiba】 Distributed Processing Computer DP/6

This computer was developed by Toshiba in 1978, and had capabilities both as an intelligent terminal which could be connected to any host computers, and as a multitasking office computer - small business computer used in an office.

It was developed by integrating the development of intelligent terminals of functional distribution architecture using multiple Z80 microprocessors which began in 1975, and a parallel plan for developing multitasking office-computers. It enabled two types of distributed processing: vertical distribution (distributed processing with general-purpose computers by pre-processing the data input to, off-loading some of the processes from, and controlling terminals connected with them) and horizontal distribution (distributed processing between multiple DP Series computers connected in a network). IBM used distributed processing as a keyword in its 8100 Series, but among the computers developed in Japan, it was the DP/6 which first proposed the concept of distributed processing.

Technically, the DP/6 introduced a series of many new innovations, including: function distribution for allocating dedicated processors to different functions using multiple internal microprocessors, downloading control programs (firmware) for each processor at system start-up, achieving an optimal (16-bit) instruction set for COBOL program execution, providing a network-type Database system, DPNET to enable network transparent access to files and other computer resources on the network, and separation of programming and printing/screen document formats.

The DP/6 was part of the following comprehensive DP Series product line.

September 1980: DP/8
September 1981: DP/4
September 1982: DP/10
September 1983: DP/OA terminal, DP/2

On the other hand, a series of true multi-workstation office computers was developed based on the DP Series. The TOSBAC System 15 Model 60 and TOSBAC 65 were marketed in 1979, and the TOSBAC System 45 and 85 were marketed in 1982.

Seizing the opportunity in October 1984 of the marketing of the DP/9080, with a CPU upgraded to 32 bits, the product line was updated in May 1985 as the DP/9000 Series, which included the DP/9070, DP/9060, DP/9050, DP/9040 and DP/9010.

TOSBAC DP/6TOSBAC System 15 Model 60TOSBAC System 65