【NEC】 NS-1000

The NS-1000 was a desk stand type OCR scanner announced in 1998 by NEC. The NS-1000 had the non-contact overhead technology for the first time in the world, as the image scanner designed for customer-service purposes. It was breakthrough for the scanner not to require any special light equipment for the operation. The scanner realized high-speed image capturing just by placing forms of A4 size at maximum on the specified mat. The NS-1000 was designed specifically for document processing applications at a customer-service desk dealing witha customer. Following were the major advantages of the device :

    (1)Realizing the ability to capture 200 dpi images with 256 grayscale gradations in around 0.7 seconds for B6 forms and 1.5 seconds for A4 forms, and also the ability to scan three-dimensional objects through non-contact image scanner technology .
    (2)Realizing the environment of normal office illuminations (350 to 1,500 lux) without any special light equipment.
    (3)Realizing the circumstance to place the scanner head unit beside rather than right above the reading object, and the environment of natural customer interactions without consciousness of the scanner.
    (4)Implementing the function to automatically identify document forms using whole image understanding in addition to OCR functions, and as a result realizing the customer service efficiency to instantly change to support various and quick requests.
    (5)Realizing the function to automatically direct and adjust the object’s position or direction on the specified mat, and releasing any restrictions of complicated form placement considerations.

The specifications of the NS-1000 were as follows:
Readable characters Handwritten characters Letters, numbers, kana characters, symbols, marks (OMR function available)
Printed characters OCR-B/K, etc., multi-font, kanji characters
Paper sizes Up to 210 x 297 mm (w x l)
Read speeds 〜0.7 seconds for a B6 form, 〜1.5 seconds for an A4 form
Operating conditions Ambient brightness equivalent to the JIS Z 9110 office standard (covers 350 to 1,500 lux)
External dimensions Scanner unit 65 x 285 x 521 mm (w x d x h), weight: 〜6 kilograms
Controller 85 x 370 x 137 mm (w x d x h), weight: 〜2.5 kilograms

External view of the NS-1000External view of the NS-1000 

In the explanation for OCR, terminology from OCR Catalogue Glossary (Version 2) published by the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association is used.Please refer to this Glossary for meanings of terms used.