【NEC】 Both-Side High-Speed OCR System

NEC released a both-side high-speed OCR system in 1995 for the specific application segment. The structure of the system was developed and optimized to read from B4 and to A3 originals in high speed , both sides simultaneously. The OCR system, which positioned best in business applications for reading large both- side target forms in high volume within short-turnaround time , improved sequentially over time. Major features are as follows.

    (1)Realizing the “double buffering” structure, supporting the “both-side” function using two sheets of carriers from the scan start position to the stacker ejection selector position, for the size from B4 to A3, and supporting the “high speed” function using the pipeline structure including the scan image capturing and the character recognition parts, optimized for large business forms.
    (2)Realizing business application efficiency of processing large amount of forms within short-turnaround time, by implementing the speed of around 200 sheets per minute reading using 300 handwritten characters per A4 form, which is the standard performance metric for general-purpose OCR readers.
    (3)Realized the both-side image read function simultaneously, by installing two scanner units at front- and rear-side individually.
    (4)Succeeding the same reading character sets and features from general-purpose OCR systems without any business application restrictions.
Main specifications for the last model of NEC’s both-side high-speed OCR systems:
Readable characters Handwritten Letters, numbers, kana characters, symbols, kanji characters, and marks (OMR function included)
Printed OCR-B/K and other fonts, multi-font, kanji characters
Paper sizes From 105 x 148 mm to 297 x 420 mm (w x l)
Read speeds Up to 200 sheets per minute (equivalent when reading 300 handwritten characters per A4 form)
Hopper / stackers One 1,500-sheet capacity hopper, four 750-sheet capacity stackers and one 300-sheet capacity stacker
Sequence numbering 20-digit sequence numbers
External dimensions, etc. 50 x 630 x 1,365 mm (w x d x h), approximately 250 kilograms Capable of 400 dpi maximum image processing and output

External view of the last model of Both-Side high-speed OCR system  

In the explanation for OCR, terminology from OCR Catalogue Glossary (Version 2) published by the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association is used.Please refer to this Glossary for meanings of terms used.