【NEC】 N6370 New OCR Series

Published on Mar. 18, 2020
Last updated on Aug. 23, 2023

N6470 new OCR series were developed by NEC several years starting in 1987. The new OCR series were designed as the peripheral devices using a computer or workstation as the controller. Customer selection and system architecture flexibility were much improved due to the complete product line-up from the balancing viewpoint of consideration between performance, cost and cost-performance The following points are the series’major advantages.

    (1)N6370Um, announced in 1987 — the low speed model newly lined up as the low-priced but two-stacker installed OCR device, which sized the smallest in the industry
    (2)N6370UX, announced in 1988 — the mid speed model developed from the installment standalone machine to the desktop peripheral device, by adopting high density LSI technologyfor the image-processing and the character-recognition hardware, which was the highest technology at that time
    (3)N6370R50, announced in 1992 —the standard model, realizing handwritten kanji character recognition and expanding its business application region
    (4)N6370R80, announced in 1997 — the high-speed model, realizing the desktop configuration with internal installment of kanji character recognition
    (5)N6370Rs400, announced in 2000 — offering the first desktop OCR unit in the industry to achieve high speed processing quality of over 100 sheets per minute reading of A4 forms with 300 handwritten characters

A comparison of the specifications of the new N6370 OCR series:
  N6370Um N6370UX N6370R50 N6370R80 N6370Rs400
Read speeds (A4 form with 300 handwritten characters) 4 sheets per minute 12 sheets per minute 20 sheets per minute 62 sheets per minute 115 sheets per minute
Hopper capacity 200 sheets x 1 500 sheets x 1 500 sheets x 1 500 sheets x 1 500 sheets x 1
Stacker capacity 120 sheets x 1
40 sheets x 1

500 sheets x 1
100 sheets x 1

500 sheets x 1
100 sheets x 1
500 sheets x 1
100 sheets x 1
500 sheets x 1
100 sheets x 1
Scanner unit /
recognition unit configuration
All-in-one desktop All-in-one desktop Separate units All-in-one desktop All-in-one desktop
Weight [kilograms] 29 60 89 for both units 45 47
Sales launch period Dec. 1987 June 1988 Dec. 1992 Feb. 1997 Feb. 2000


Transitions in the external appearance of new N6370 OCR series models:

(a separate large recognition unit for kanji character recognition)
(a compact unit using high integration LSI technology for the kanji recognition hardware)

In the explanation for OCR, terminology from OCR Catalogue Glossary (Version 2) published by the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association is used.Please refer to this Glossary for meanings of terms used.