【NEC】 N6470 OCR System for Handwritten Characters

Published on Mar. 18, 2020
Last updated on Aug. 23, 2023

NEC announced the N6370 and N6470 OCR systems for handwritten character recognition in 1976. The N6370 could read handwritten katakana characters and implement the advanced I/O systems. The N6470, in addition to the N6370’s functionality, had the following features.

    (1)Speeding up of character recognition by utilizing accumulated advanced techniques for postal code reading technology
    (2)Realizing the form design optimized to read any kinds of business forms in size from large B4 to small A6 forms
    (3)Realizing the significant business application efficiency through the reading speed of 300 sheets per minute of small A6 forms at the maximum
    (4)Realizing the application business expansion, based on the rich sets of characters and the flexible selections of writing instruments
    (5)Offering the high level expandable and developable system by succeeding the features of N6370’s advanced I/O system

The specifications of the N6470 OCR system for handwritten characters were as follows:
Readable characters Handwritten Letters, numbers, kana characters, and special symbols
Printed JIS-B (new and old letters, numbers, and symbols),
407 font (numbers), OCR-A (letters, numbers, and symbols)
Paper sizes 107 x 90 mm to 364 x 305 mm (w x l)
Read speeds Up to 300 sheets per minute
(when continuously reading smallest forms)
Hopper and stacker capacities Hopper: 600 sheets x 1
Stackers: 300 sheets x 2
Sequence numbering 5 digit sequence numbers
Standard system configuration Reader unit and controller
(14-inch display, keyboard, 2 floppy disk drives)

External view of the N6470 OCR system for handwritten characters  

In the explanation for OCR, terminology from OCR Catalogue Glossary (Version 2) published by the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association is used.Please refer to this Glossary for meanings of terms used.