【Fujitsu】 FACOM 6311A and FACOM 6311B

The FACOM 6311A and FACOM 6311B were form-processing OCR systems. They were distinctive for their high-speed reading of handwritten numbers. A red laser was used as the light source. [Note 1] The FACOM 6311A was announced in June 1975 and FACOM 6311B in October 1975.

The FACOM 6311A/B’s optical system, consisting of a laser light source, a high-speed oscillating mirror, and a line selection mirror, combined with a rotary drum that fed in the target form, enabled the systems to read multiple lines and read handwritten numbers with a single sensor. Capable of reading up to 300 cards per minute, the systems offered extremely fast processing performance for the era. The FACOM 6311B was installed at many large supermarkets and other retail outlets because it could process standard forms from the Association of Chain Stores and Department Stores.

Note 1: Fluorescent lights, halogen bulbs, LEDs, and others have been used as OCR light sources. Laser light sources, however, have rarely been found in OCR devices, and Fujitsu never again used lasers in its OCR products after these models.

FACOM 6311A  

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