【Hitachi】 Imaging OCR HT-413x Series

The Imaging OCR HT-4137 had the fastest reading performance in its class at the time it was announced in February 1998. The model handled simultaneous inputs of images of office documents as well as read OCR forms. Since it was an “imaging” optical character reader, it could input forms of varying sizes and thicknesses at the same time. The HT-4137 had a multi-sensor assembly to scan image information, including dropout-color OCR outlines that ordinary OCR scanners could not sense. It handled double-sided forms as well.

Specifications of the HT-4137 optical character reader
Readable forms A8 to A3
Processing speeds Page mode:〜75 sheets per minute
(when reading 300 handwritten characters on an A4 form)
Announcement date February 1998

In June 1999, Hitachi announced the HT-4133 Imaging OCR scanner, the industry’s first box-style reader with a compact footprint. The model saved a lot of space, because it could be wall mounted, as there were no connectors on the rear panel. This made it ideal for customer-service desks in the financial and insurance industries. It offered the fastest performance in the compact class (approximately 25 sheets per minute when reading 300 handwritten numbers on an A4 landscape form), and its flexible operation supported single inputs and small-volume batch inputs. The HT-4133 featured improved recognition accuracy for handwritten kanji characters and added several new functions for barcode recognition and printed kanji character recognition.

Hitachi Imaging OCR HT-4137
(accepted simultaneous inputs of images of office documents)
Hitachi Imaging OCR HT-4133
(a compact optical character reader suitable for installations at customer-service desks)

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