【Oki Electric Industry】 OKITAC8300

The OKITAC8300 super minicomputer was announced in 1988 and featured higher performance based on a 32-bit architecture, expanded memory space (64 megabytes), virtual memory, and processing for multi-tasking, multiple users, networking, databases and online transactions.

At the time, in the middle of the 1980s, the industry was shifting from closed systems, with SNA-based vertical distribution centered on a host computer, to open horizontally distributed systems. This was due to progress in networking, the advent of the personal computer and computerization of a wide variety of work types. The OKITAC8300 was developed in response to these trends.

In terms of hardware, the OKITAC8300 was equipped with a 3.5 MIPS processor (and later a 5MIPS multi-processor) based on dedicated CMOS LSI, a 64 megabyte main memory unit, a high-capacity external memory unit, versatile communications control, and various features for RAS design and duplicated function. These machines were used as small-scale host computers, department computers and servers.

There were six models in the OKITAC8300 Series: the cabinet type (Models 38, 58 and 68) used primarily for mid-size/large systems, and the desk-side type (Models 32, 52 and 62) used primarily for small/mid-size system in offices. Users selected the appropriate type based on the size of the intended system, and factors like future expandability and setup conditions.

OKITAC8300 Model Specifications
  Model32 Model38 Model52 Model58 Model62 Model68
Announcement date July 1988 October 1990 October 1991
CPU 32bit dedicated CMOS LSI developed independently by Oki Electric Industry
Memory capacity 16MB-
Memory element 1MbitDRAM 1Mbit/4MbitDRAM
Memory access width 16B 32B
Cycle time Read 560ns/16B Read 780ns/32B
Write 560ns/16B Write 520ns/32B
Number of instructions 219
Address space 3GB (Logical space)
Cache memory Data 32KB, Instruction 32KB 256KB
Pipeline 4 stage 7 stage
Communication lines Max. 32 lines Max. 256 lines Max. 32 lines Max. 256 lines    
LAN OKINET2000/20 (conforming to IEEE802.3), IEEE802.5
Number of mountable packages 12 slots 36 slots 12 slots 36 slots 12 slots 36 slots
Cabinet type Desk-side type Cabinet type Desk-side type Cabinet type Desk-side type Cabinet type

OKITAC8300 Model 32OKITAC8300 Model 38