【Fujitsu,PFU】 FACOM /PANACOM (PFU) Compact A (Ace)

This was the generic name for products in the lower end group of the "A (Ace) Series" of 32-bit super minicomputers from Fujitsu and Panafacom (currently PFU). This group started with the A-30, A-50 and A-70, which were announced in April 1987, and also included the A-60, A-80 and A-100, which featured enhanced performance and expanded main memory capacity, and the A-80HR and A-100HR high-reliability systems which housed duplicate equipment in a single cabinet.

The Compact A models were released under two brands: FACOM (the Fujitsu brand), and PANAFACOM (the Panafacom brand). The FACOM brand was changed to FUJITSU after April 1990, and the PANAFACOM brand was changed to PFU after April 1987.

FACOM/PANAFACOM(Note 2) Compact A (Ace) Specifications
  A-30 A-50 A-70 A-60 A-80 A-100
Announcement date April1987 May 1988 October 1990
CPU Proc-
Proprietary CPU MC68030
Cache memory - 16KB 32KB 64KB 64KB 64KB
Memory unit Memory element IC memory
Memory capacity 1-8MB 2-18MB 4-24MB 4-52MB 8-56MB 8-64MB
Error checking ECC (1bit automatic error correction, 2bit error detection)
OS SX/AR (UNIX System V)
(Note) The above specifications are from the time of announcement, and may have been changed due to later improvement.
PANAFACOM A-30 Desk-Side TypePANAFACOM A-30 Rack-Mount TypePANAFACOM A-80 Desk-Side Type
PANAFACOM A-80 Rack-Mount TypePANAFACOM A-80HR Outside ViewPANAFACOM A-80HR Inside ViewThis model was designed for higher reliability,and all equipment is duplicated.