【NEC】 MS4100 Series

The MS4100 Series, marketed in June 1986, adopted a multiprocessor system based on 32-bit VLSI with 50,000 gates fabricated using CMOS technology. By using a dedicated UNIX processor, it enabled simultaneous execution of the NCOS1/AF operating system for real-time processing, and the "MX-UX/V" operating system which conformed to UNIX System V. Due to its use of multiprocessors, pipeline control and memory interleave speedup technology, the MS4100 Series was the fastest in this area.

MS4100 Series Main Specifications
  MS4110 MS4120
Announcement date June 1986
Number of arithmetic processing mechanisms 1 2
Max. main memory capacity 12MB 16MB
Word configuration 32bit + 7ECC
Memory cycle time 315ns/4B
Cache memory 16KB 32KB
Pipeline 5-level
Logical address space 4GB
Memory interleave 4-way
Bus transfer speed 12MB/s
Memory protection Ring-system, 4-level
Added processor  
Scientific operation mechanism Optional
Business operation mechanism Standard equipment
MS-UX/V arithmetic processing mechanism Optional processor (MC68020)
Cabinet dimensions(mm)  
Desk-side type 350Wx680Dx650H
Rack-mounted system type 570Wx900Dx1,560H

MS4110/MS4120 desk-side typeMS4110/MS4120 rack-mount type