【Fujitsu,PFU】 FACOM S-3000 Series, PANAFACOM S-3000 Series

These were the first 32-bit super minicomputers from Fujitsu and Panafacom (currently PFU). In February 1983, the FACOM S-3000 Series was announced by Fujitsu, and the PANAFACOM S-3000 Series by Panafacom, as upper series of Panafacom's PANAFACOM U-1000 Series of 16-bit minicomputers. These machines only differed in their brand name; they were exactly the same product. This S-3000 Series was comprised of two models -- the S-3300 and S-3500 -- and was developed jointly by the two companies by adding minicomputer functionality (direct CPU connection with process control equipment, functions for real-time processing and main memory battery backup capability etc.) to the Fujitsu's FACOM M-300 Series of general-purpose computers. These machines were used in a wide range of fields, including LA (Laboratory Automation) CAD/CAM, FA (Factory Automation), science and engineering computation and communications control.

After May 1990, the brand name "FACOM" was changed to "FUJITSU".

FACOM (FUJITSU) S-3000 Series/PANAFACOM S-3000 Series Specifications
  S-3300 S-3500
Announcement date February 1983
Arithmetic control Architecture Minicomputer functionality added to M Series architecture
Main logic element 2000gate/chip TTL LSI, Delay time 1.5ns/gate
Addition/Subtraction speed 0.63µs 0.24µs
Cache memory - 32KB
High-speed arithmetic processing function Optional (Floating point operation speed enhancement mechanism)
Main memory Memory element 64Kbit/chip MOS LSI
(Enhanced version: 256Kbit/chip MOS LSI)
Memory capacity 4-8MB
Error checking ECC (1bit automatic error correction, 2bit error detection)
Battery support mechanism Optional
Bus support C bus, Max. transfer speed 1.5MB/s
OS OVIS/S (Minicomputer functionality added to M Series OS)
(Note) The above specifications are from the time of announcement, and may have been changed due to later improvement.
*1: Figures in parentheses are those when using 256Kbit/chip MOS LSI

FACOM/PANAFACOM S-3300There were two types: one with height of 1700mm and one with height of 1400mm. The photo shows the latter.FACOM/PANAFACOM S-3500