【Oki Electric Industry】 OKITACsystem50V

The OKITACsystem50V was marketed in 1982 as the successor of the OKITACsystem50. Features of the OKITACsystem50V were: expansion of the logical space to 32 megabytes, a maximum memory capacity of 4 megabytes, cache memory, and greatly improved processing capacity.

The Model 15 was positioned at the bottom end of the series. This model employed a single-chip high-performance high-integration microprocessor, and also converted peripherals to LSI, so it was suitable for compact, low-cost, small-scale systems.

The Model 45 employed LSI and VLSI for greater compactness and lighter weight while maintaining high performance, and was positioned in the middle of the series.

The Model 65 was the high-end model of the series. It was a super minicomputer for large-scale systems, and it achieved high-performance and high-functionality using numerous LSI. There were 3 different operating systems -- RDOS (Real Time Disk Oriented System), RFOS (Real Time Floppy disk Oriented System) and RMOS (Real Time Memory Oriented System). A high-reliability system was built via duplication, and Japanese language processing was also provided.

OKITACsystem50V Model Specifications
  Model15 Model45 Model65
Announcement date May 1982 May 1983 May 1982
CPU MOS-based VLSI, 1 chip Combined use of MOS-type VLSI and bipolar-type LSI Combined use of MOS-type VLSI and bipolar-type LSI
Memory element 256K nMOS IC
Cycle time 800ns/2B 645ns/4B
Data format 16bit+6ECC 32 bit+7ECC  
Memory capacity 256KB-2MB 512KB-4MB 512KB-8 MB
Cache memory - - 16KB
Logical address space 32MB
Number of instructions 73 basic instructions, 34 optional instructions
Arithmetic speed*1 Fixed point addition /subtraction 1.2µs Fixed point addition /subtraction 0.39µs Fixed point addition /subtraction 0.25µs
Floating point addition /subtraction 16.0µs Floating point addition /subtraction 1.90µs Floating point addition /subtraction 1.75µs
Registers 8 16bit general-purpose registers,2 32bit floating point registers,
8 16bit control registers, 8 16bit expansion control registers
CPU mechanisms Basic provided mechanisms Interrupt mechanism, timer mechanism (x2), memory protection mechanism, automatic restart mechanism, IPL mechanism
Ventilation trouble detection mechanism, power supply trouble detection mechanism
Floating point operation mechanism added
Decimal operation mechanism Added
Temperature trouble detection mechanism added
Memory backup added    
Duplicated interface - added
High-speed DMA - - 2.4MB/S
Other umber of connected input/output devices: 1,024 (Max.)

OKITACsystem50V Model 15 (CPU)OKITACsystem50V Model 45 (CPU)OKITACsystem50V Model 65