【Toshiba】 TOSBAC Data System DS600/DS6000

These were Toshiba 32-bit super minicomputers developed to meet the needs of the advanced information society. The DS600 Series was marketed in 1981, and the enhanced DS6000 Series was marketed in 1986.
With functionality and performance beyond that of conventional machines, this machine was targeted at applications in a wide range of fields, including CAD/CAM/CAE, software development/research and AI. Its main features were as follows:

(1) Using the multiprocessor system, the system could be extended to up to a maximum of 4 processors to suit the system load.
(2) The system achieved high-speed, compactness and low power consumption by using world-class gate arrays throughout. These gate arrays employed Toshiba's unique CMOS/SOS (Si-On Sapphire) technology.
(3) CPU load was reduced and system throughput was improved by distributing input/output functions to dedicated processors.
(4) The OS facilitated program development in areas like software development and research by providing multiprocessor support, and using a virtual memory system to eliminate memory size restrictions.