NEC rolled out the Parallel ACOS i-PX7300 line in May 2000 to implement core systems for Internet environments. The i-PX7300 kept the superior mainframe reliability and past core system assets but was equipped with Intel Pentium III Xeon processors and supported Microsoft Windows functions.

Although it used Intel Pentium III (600 MHz) or Pentium III Xeon (700 MHz) processors, which were widely deployed in open products, and supported Windows functions, the i-PX7300 ran NEC’s ACOS-2/MP operating system with newly developed firmware. This configuration allowed the i-PX7300 to be used in Internet systems while retaining the superior reliability of a mainframe and while supporting previous models’ software, peripheral devices, and other resources. The new line delivered a 350 percent gain in cost effectiveness over previous models.

Main specifications of the i-PX7300
Model 30 50 100 200 300 400 500 600
No. of processors 1 2 3 4
Main memory capacity Standard 64MB
Maximum 256MB
Cache memory 256KB 1024KB 2048KB 3027KB 4096KB
Total transfer speed 444MB/s 666MB/s 933MB/s
Max. number of communication lines 32 384 576
Operating system ACOS—2/MP

NEC Parallel ACOS series/i-PX7300NEC Parallel ACOS series/i-PX7300