【Hitachi】MP6000 Processor

Hitachi announced the MP6000 processor as the successor to the MP5800 in October 1999. These models featured 720,000-gate, 24 ps latency logic LSIs based on Hitachi’s newly developed advanced CMOS-ECL 2 (ACE2) technology, which used a 0.2 micron process and advanced circuitry techniques. These advances more than doubled the computation performance over the previous MP5800.

Hitachi developed a new I/O processor for the MP6000 line with a four-times performance boost over past I/O processors. The models’ support for continuous 24/7 operability was bolstered with redundant structures for the instruction processors, the memory devices, the I/O processors, and other key components. And to meet the needs of high-speed Internet, the models were standard equipped with Gigabit Ethernet and internal encryption for higher security.

General specifications of the MP6000 processor
No. of instruction processors 1-8
Main memory capacity 512MB-16GB
Extended memory capacity 0-32GB
No. of channels 0-256

Compact, high-efficiency power supply unitHitachi MP6000 enclosure