【Hitachi】HITAC M-860 Processor Group

Hitachi announced the HITAC M-860 processor group of compact and mid-range mainframes in February 1992. This group featured low-power 12k-gate bipolar LSIs, 384 kbit RAM, and 18k-gate logic BiCMOS LSIs. The nine models covered a 13-fold performance range, with the top model using four processors.

System performance was enhanced with a 16 TB extension storage unit and with 18 MB per second optical channels and 9 MB per second metal channels for high-speed data transfers with peripheral devices.

The M-860 processor group provided diverse, flexible operation with such offerings as processor-distribution operation and virtual machine systems.

General specifications of the M-860 processor group
  20,40 60 160 180 200,210 320 420
No. of instruction processors 1 2 3 4
Buffer memory capacity 32KB 64KB 256KB(instruction: 128 KB, data: 128 KB)
Main memory capacity [MB] 32-512 64-512 64-1024 128-1024
No. of channels 8-32 16-64 32-128

Hitachi HITAC M-860/320 and 420 systems