【Hitachi】 HITAC M-880 Processor Group

The M-880 Processor Group was a world-class general-purpose processor group. It was equipped with an advanced system architecture and was announced in June 1990. It employed ECL LSI with 12,000 gates/chip and a delay time of 70 picoseconds, and used 4 Mbit CMOS LSI in the main memory unit. With multiprocessor based design, Hitachi offered a system with greater expandability for the wide-area/composite system era.

The lineup was comprised of four models: the M-880/210 and M-880/220 2-way processor models, the M-880/310 3-way processor model and the M-880/420 4-way processor model. The entry model 210 had about 3 times the processing capacity of the M-680H, and the model 310 had about 2.5 times the processing capacity of the M-682H.

M-880 Processor Group Configuration Specifications
  210 310 220 420
Number of instruction processors 2 3 2 4
Buffer memory capacity 256KBx2 256KBx3 256KBx2 256KBx4
Main memory capacity 128-2,048MB 256-2,048MB
Number of channels 32-128 64-256
Announcement date June 1990

HITAC M-880/420HITAC M-880/210Highly integrated CMOS LSI used for HITAC M-880