【Hitachi】 HITAC M-620/M-630/M-640 Processor Group

This was a processor group of small and mid-size general-purpose machines. This group simultaneously achieved both compactness and higher performance through innovations like development of a single card CPU which packed a high-performance CPU onto a single card, and increased speed and capacity of the magnetic disk unit.

The high-end model, the M-630, saved energy and space by using devices such as LSI for high-speed logic with 2,000/5,000 gates/chip, and highly integrated CMOS LSI with 40,000 gates/chip for channels.

The mid-size model, the M-630, and the low-end model, the M-620, were one-box systems with set-up areas, respectively, of 0.6m2 and 0.27m2. These systems were designed for office installation, being capable of using commercial 100V power and not requiring special air conditioning equipment.

The M-620/M-630/M-640 Processor Group E Models were enhanced versions of these machines.

M-620/M-630/M-640 Processor Group Configuration Specifications
Processor Group
Processor Group
Processor Group
Number of models 4 5 4
Number of instruction processors 1 1 M-640/10, 20, 30: 1
M-640/40: 2
Buffer memory capacity - - 256KB
Main memory capacity 8-32MB M-630/10, 20: 8–-32MB
M-630/30, 40:16-64MB
M-640/10, 20, 30: 16-128MB
M-640/40: 32-128MB
Number of channels Max. 6 Max.6 M-640/10, 20, 30: 8-16
M-640/40: 16
Announcement date June 1988 September 1987

M-620/M-630/M-640 Processor Group E Model Configuration Specifications
Group E Model
Group E Model
Group E Model
Number of models 4 6 6
Number of instruction processors 1 1 10E, 20E, 30E, 35E: 1
40E, 45E: 2
Buffer memory capacity - - 256KB
Main memory capacity 8-32MB 10E, 20E: 8-32MB
30E, 40E, 50E:16-64MB-96MB
10E, 20E, 30E, 35E: 16-256MB
40E, 45E: 32-256MB
Number of channels Max. 6 10E, 20E: Max. 8
30E, 40E, 50E, 60E: Max. 10
10E, 20E, 30E, 35E: 8-16
40E, 45E: 16-32
Announcement date May 1990

HITAC M-640HITAC M-620Single-card CPU of HITAC M-640