【NTT】 DIPS-11/5 Series CCP (DIPS-7400CCP, 7410CCP)

To incorporate the results of DCNA research and achieve more comprehensive distributed processing, the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation (currently NTT) conducted research and development on a 7400-based communications control processor (CCP) as a CCP for the DIPS-11/5 Series. This was expanded to two models -- the 7400 and 7410 -- and functions for independent operation were added to also enable use as a node processor in a network. Prototyping of the 7410 was finished in December 1979, and that of the 7400 was finished in February 1980 (DIPS Communications Control Processor Main Specifications).

Communications Control Processor Main Specifications
Item 7300CCP 7400CCP 7410CCP Remark
Number of instructions 68 81 81 *DIPS architecture
Maximum operation width (bit) 19 20 20  
Maximum amount of memory (MB) 0.5 1 1  
Maximum throughput (kchar/sec) 5 5 10  
Maximum number of lines
1200 bit/sec
48 K bit/sec
256 bit/sec
8 bit/sec
128 bit/sec
4 bit/sec
256 bit/sec
8 bit/sec
Full duplex lines
Line type Special communication lines/public communication lines/DDX  
Synchronization system Start-stop synchronization/SYN synchronization/frame synchronization  
Line speed (bit/sec) 50_240 K 50_48 K  
Interface with host Channel connection using DIPS IO interface  
Maximum number of host connections 2 4 4  
Input/Output unit Input/Output unit for NTT Public Corporation terminals  
Storage unit Unit for DIPS mid/large-size machines Small unit for commercially available mini computers  

DIPS-7400CCP (Communications Control Processor)