【Hitachi】 HITAC M-140H, 150H, 160H

This was a mid-range machine in the HITAC M Series of general-purpose computers. At this time, many computer users faced severe problems with increasing system developing costs, and obtaining development personnel. In 1979, Hitachi announced the M-140H, 150H and 160H as new mid-size models in the M Series to respond to these user needs. Its features included: greatly improved cost-performance, Japan's first 600MB class disk drive equipped with two positioning mechanisms, interactive processing, and functional enhancements for greater automation and labor-saving.

HITAC M-140H, 150H, 160H Specifications
  M-140H M-150H M-160H
Main memory capacity 0.5-4MB 1-4MB 2-6MB
Buffer memory capacity - - 8KB
Channel throughput 5MB/sec 5.5MB/sec 7MB/sec