【Fujitsu】 FACOM M-130F, M-140F, M-150F, M-160F, M-170F

An enhanced series derived from Fujitsu's mid-size FACOM M-100 Series. The four mid-size general-purpose computers (FACOM M-130F, M-140F, M-150F and M-160F), which pointed the way to the 1980s were announced in April 1979. These FACOM M-100 Series F models had support for the "Japanese processing Extended Feature" (JEF) which made it easy to handle Japanese in the same way as alphanumeric characters and kana. It achieved excellent cost-performance through early adoption of the latest technology -- using state-of-the-art 64Kbit MOS memory throughout main memory units, and 6,000 or 1,500 gate MOS LSI for logic elements. Fujitsu changed its approach from existing "cost-performance first" to easy-of-use in system operation as well as cost-performance to enable direct use by end users. Actually, automated features like automatic power on/off and automatic IPL capability were provided.

The high-end model, the FACOM M-170F, was announced in October 1980. The 1,000th machine was shipped in February 1981. It became Fujitsu's best-selling model.

FACOM M-100 Series F Model Specifications
Model name M-130F M-140F M-150F M-160F M-170F
Announcement date April 1979 October 1980
CPU Number 1 1/2
Main elements -6,000 gate/chip MOS LSI
-600 gate/chip bipolar LSI
100 gate/chip ECL LSI
Buffer storage capacity - 8KB/CPU
Memory unit Memory element N-MOS IC memory (64Kbit/chip)
Cycle time 720ns/4B 630ns/4B 480ns/4B 480ns/4B 354ns/8B
Memory capacity 512KB -1MB 512KB-2MB 1 - 4MB 1-6MB Single CPU 4-12MB
Multi CPU 8 -16MB
Check function ECC (1bit automatic error correction, 2bit automatic error detection)
Maximum number of channels 4 6 8 8 12