【NEC】 NEAC Series 2200 Model 375, 575

The NEAC Series 2200 was marketed in April 1971, and these models were marketed in October of the same year as high-end versions of the Model 75, 175 and 275, which were the online family of the series. They had online performance superior to the above 3 models. At the time, there was a marked shift from batch processing to online systems, and the Model 375 and 575 were large computers developed in response to these needs, for tasks such as online/real-time systems, database systems and time sharing systems.

A front-end processor -- a new peripheral device specially designed for communication processing -- was provided, and by adding this to the Model 375 or 575, it was possible to configure an online system with efficiency by 20 to 30 percent better than conventional machines. Newly developed high-speed (0.65 microseconds) core memory was used for the main memory in the computer main unit.

Specifications of NEAC Series 2200 Online Family
  75 175 275 375 575
Announcement date April 1971 October 1971
Main memory capacity (char.) Max. 32K Max. 65K Max. 262K Max. 393K Max. 1,048K
Cycle time 2µs/char. 2µs/char. 1.5µs/char. 1.5µs/8char. 0.65µs/8char.
Number of input/
output channels
4 General purpose: 3
For commu-
nication: 1-32
General purpose: 4-7
For commu-
nication: 1-32
8-16 16-20
Memory element Core memory

NEAC series 2200 model 375NEAC series 2200 model 575a core memory board for NEAC series 2200 model 575