【Hitachi】 HITAC 8210

This machine was developed as an enhanced model of the HITAC 8100, to cover the gap between small high-end models and mid-size low-end models in the HITAC 8000 Series of general purpose machines. It was announced in August 1967. The operating system was a disk-oriented system developed independently by Hitachi. The system could handle all types of processing formats, including batch processing, inline processing, remote processing and large computer input/output processing. For inline processing, the system allowed real-time creation of bills and updating of related files using software called a POP system. In addition to the basic system, which focused on these sorts of business processing tasks, the machine also supported the FORTRAN language for scientific computation. In contrast with the CML-based ICs in previous models, this machine used TTL-based ICs throughout as basic circuits for processing units. This made it possible to reduce power consumption and set-up area, thereby achieving high-speed arithmetic capability and low price. Two types of memory units were available -- 8 kilobyte and 16 kilobyte -- and cycle time was 1.4 microseconds. Three types of disk unit were available, ranging from 400 kilobytes (the smallest) to a maximum of 5.12 megabytes. Various input/output devices were available for input/output processing -- from medium-speed input/output devices with high economy, to high-speed input devices with high-speed input/output for high-processing capacity.

HITAC 8210