【Oki Electric】OKITYPER-2000

The OKITYPER-2000 was developed in 1960 in response to the need for a typewriter that was smaller and more feature-rich than conventional perforation typewriters. The desktop multifunction electric typewriter had additional paper tape reading and punching functions, but its primary application was as an I/O device for computers. It was a best-seller in its time, with about 20,000 units manufactured between 1961 and 1980.
The OKITYPER-2000 had around 2,000 parts and its typebar printing method had sufficient impact force to create 10 duplicate sheets at a time. It could print 500 letters, numbers, or kana characters per minute. Oki Electric used an array of small relays for many functions that had previously been done mechanically in order to reduce the size of the OKITYPER-2000.

Model name OKITYPER-2000
Coding method 8-bit, 8-line
Communication speed 500 characters per minute
Printing method Typebar up stroke
Shift method Type basket shift
Stored character types Japanese / European two levels
Maximum number of characters 100 characters per line
Return method Sensing pin / non-store
Return check Redundant reading-reference function
Punch-stop function Function checked tape coding with transmission coding