【Fujitsu】 F6765N Continuous-Form Page Printer

The F6765N, announced in February 1992, was Fujitsu’s first continuous-form page printer to support its new JEF/AP* print system. The new printer featured revamped functions and designs based on experiences with the previous F6715E model, faster print speeds, improved operator convenience, and less labor.

Features of the F6765N:
(1) Support for the JEF/AP print system
(2) Improvements to the print process speed and transport efficiency allowed the F6765N to print 25 percent faster than the previous F6715E model
(3) Took up 25 percent less installation space because of improvements to structural components
(4) Autoloader made paper exchanging easier and saved operators time
*JEF/AP: Japanese processing Extended Feature / Advanced Printing. By adding outline fonts and per-page control of print parameters to the JEF Japanese-language processing functions, Fujitsu created a print system with much more creative flexibility.
Specifications of the F6765N continuous-form page printer
Model name F6765N
Introduced February 1992
Print process Laser xerographic process
Fixing method Flash fixing
Print speeds 12 lines/inch 5,000 lines/min.
8 lines/inch 3,300 lines/min.
6 lines/inch 2,500 lines/min.
Resolution 240×240 dpi
Print modes Line printer mode / page printer mode
Primary host models FUJITSU M series

Specifications in page printer mode
Character types Alphanumeric, kana, kanji (using outline fonts)
Character spacing User definable
Line spacing User definable
Alignment Able to align any media (text, graphics, images) at any position
Character sizes 3〜300 point
Character rotation User definable
Text orientation Able to specify up, down, left, or right
Format printing Format overlay (vector overlay method)
Graphics printing Line segments, circles, arcs, area fill, etc. (ISO / CGM compliant)
Image printing (optional)
  • Able to print rectangular compressed image data (ISO / CGM compliant)
  • Supported uncompressed, MH, MR, MMR (binary) images
Barcode printing Supported NW7, JAN, Code 3 of 9, 2 of 5, courier formats, and UPC barcodes (able to print either vertically or horizontally)

F6765N continuous-form page printer