【Mitsubishi Electric】 M8740 Kanji-Character Printer

The Mitsubishi Electric M8740 kanji-character printer had two configurations: a configuration that connected directly to host mainframes via a SCSI interface and a configuration that had a built-in LAN server. Mitsubishi Electric developed the printer and began selling it through its OEM partners in March 2000.

Functions that were normally performed with dedicated hardware boards — outline font rendering, graph printing, and image printing — were done in software by a general-purpose CPU.

The 17-inch LED array head extended the print width to 16.9 inches, which made 2-in-1 printing on A4 paper possible.

The printer was notable for its design, which was different from conventional kanji-character printers. The enclosure was based on a line printer, with paper fed in at the front and printed pages collected at the back.

Specifications of the M8740 kanji-character printer system
Print process Xerographic process using an LED array
Print speed 5,226 lpm (at 6 lpi)
6,968 lpm (at 8 lpi)
Font memory size Text: 16,000 characters
Overlay: 16,000 characters
Character sizes Kanji characters 7,9,12,and 24 points
Alphanumeric 10,12,and 15 characters/inch
Print resolution 480 x 480 dpi
Typefaces Heisei Mincho, Heisei Gothic
Character spacing Kanji characters 2.5,5,6,7.5,8,and 10 characters/inch
Alphanumeric 10,12,and 15 characters/inch
Line spacing Kanji characters 3,6,and 8 lines/inch
Alphanumeric 3,6,8,and 12 lines/inch
Overlay printing Yes
Graph printing CORE standard
Image printing Printing of uncompressed data and G III and G IV compressed data
Vertical / horizontal text Yes (but only for characters in text)
Condensed printing Prints reduced to 75%
2-in-1 printing Yes
Print media Folded paper with sprocket holes on both edges
Paper sizes Width 7 to 18 inches
Folded dimension 7 to 14 inches
Preprinted paper Acceptable
Specialty paper Acceptable for designed paper (including recycled paper)
Hopper sheet capacity 2,000 sheets (55 kg weight paper)
Stacker sheet capacity 2,000 sheets (55 kg weight paper)
Power supply 200 VAC three-phase  
Power consumption 7.0kVA
External dimensions (w x d x h) 1,400 x 850 x 1,500 mm
Emitted heat 6,000 kcal/hour
Weight 650kg
Operating conditions Temperature 15−35℃
Relative humi 20−80%

M8740 kanji-character printer