【Mitsubishi Electric】M8350 Kanji-Character Printer System

The M8350 was a high-speed, high-print-quality xerographic printer that, as a network printer, offered many more print functions than available on online printers. Mitsubishi Electric rolled out the M8350 in 1992.

Using the TCP/IP protocol, the M8350 accepted print jobs from various kinds of networked hosts.

In terms of print speed, the M8350 could print 3,420 lines per minute (when printing six lines per inch). Its top print quality was made possible through a combination of a high-resolution LED array (480 dpi), microscopic toner grains, and built-in outline fonts.

With the adoption of dot-by-dot addressing system, it offered a diverse range of character control functions on par with a simple photo-typesetter including vertical and horizontal text, character resizing, ruled lines, emphasis and bold characters, line justification, and proportional letter spacing. Optional functions included overlays, graphs, and images.

With this many functions, the M8350 was suitable not only for handling outputs from mainframe systems but also for applications such as simple press printing and image printing jobs.

Specifications of the M8350 kanji-character printer system
Print process Xerographic process using an LED array
Print speed 3,420 lpm (when printing 6 lpi)
Connection method Online connections with LAN
Ethernet (TCP/IP)
Font memory size 32 MB max. (basic configuration: 16 MB)
(equivalent to about 32,000 characters)
Font type Outline font
Print resolution 480 x 480 dpi
Character sizes From 6 to 1,008 points (basic configuration: 6 to 153 points)
   Vertical and horizontal text
   Print position instructions (characters per line and orientation)
   Character resizing (em quad printing, en quad printing, compressed, condensed, line)
   Emphasis (shading, underline, reverse video, strikethrough)
   Proportional font kerning
   Barcode printing (by command)
   Line width and line type instructions
   Custom character processing
   Font instructions
   Digital overlay function (optional)
   CGM ISO 8632-compliant graph function (optional)
   Image function (optional)
   Job separation marks
   Page serial number printing
Print width 14.6 inches max.
Print media Plain and high-quality paper stock (folded paper with sprocket holes on both edges)
Paper weight and paper width 55 to 180 kg / 7 to 18 inches
(Paper with a weight over 135 kg was restricted to 15 inches in width)
Specialty paper Yes
Paper feed Autoloader
Toner supply Cartridges
Power supply Printer: 200 VAC three-phase, 7.5 kVA or less
Controller 200 VAC single-phase, 2.5 kVA or less
Standard external dimensions (w x d x h) Printer: 1,495 x 830 x 1,210 mm
Controller: 600 x 830 x 1,371 mm
Standard weight Printer: 750 kg or less
Controller: 200 kg or less

M8350 kanji-character printer system