【Oki Electric Industry】 ML8580S

The ML8580S used a 24-pin x two-row multi-layer head (48-pin head) from Oki Data to reach 230 characters per second, the fastest speed for an impact printer. In its fastest mode, it printed at 400 characters per second, which rivaled the speeds of line printers.

The two-row multi-layer head double-struck characters in the fast duplicate mode to make up to eight duplicates including the original. By striking twice with different pins in the multi-layer head, thin lines appeared continuous and even complex characters looked sharp and crisp. Because of this powerful and clear duplicating feature, the ML8580S worked with a wide range of duplicate forms and was perfectly suited for daily large-volume printing of sales slips and delivery statements.

The ML8580S had five internal paper routes made possible by a horizontal paper feed. As a result, it was possible to automatically switch between cut forms and continuous forms. It was also the first Oki Data serial impact printer with LAN connectivity.

Model name ML8580S
Print process Dot-matrix impact process with both bidirectional (short-distance) printing and single-direction printing
Resolution 48 pins・180 dpi
Line feed direction Forward
Interface IEEE 1284-1994 bidirectional parallel interface, 10BASE-T
Input power supply 100 VAC ± 10% (50/60 Hz)
Power consumption In operation
(kanji local test print)
Idling 15W or less (in power-save mode)
Operating noise level 60dB
Print speeds
Fine-quality ANK 345 characters/s (600 characters/s)
High-speed ANK 600 characters/s (600 characters/s)
Double-byte kanji characters 230 characters/s (400 characters/s)
Paper width 345mm(13.6 inches)
Duplicates Normal mode Original + 5 duplicates (paper width 0.36 mm or less)
Fast duplicate mode Original + 7 duplicates (paper width 0.48 mm or less)
Built-in typefaces Mincho, roman, san-serif, Courier, OCR-B equivalent
Weight 〜34kg
External dimensions (w x d x h) 668×415×310 mm