【Oki Electric Industry】 ET-5320SII

Much like the ET-5320, which was the first compact printer with a horizontal paper feed, the ET-5320SII was a 24-pin horizontal printer that had a horizontal paper feed that aimed for handling simplicity of many kinds of media and stable operation. It was also made affordable by using a round platen. The ET-5320SII was sold as the ML320FB / 390FB in Europe and North America and as the OKI 5330SC / 5530SC in China.

Model name ET-5320II
Print process Serial dot-impact process
Interface Parallel interface
Resolution 24 pins
Operating noise levels No more than 61 dB
Print speed Kanji standard 45 characters/s
ANK standard 67.5 characters/s
Paper width 345mm(13.6 inches)
Duplicate function Original +3
Weight 〜8kg
External dimensions (w x d x h) 512 x 275 x 130 mm