【NEC】 PICTY960 / PICTY860 / PICTY760

NEC announced the PICTY960, PICTY860, and PICTY760 A4 color inkjet printers in October 2000 that were the industry’s first models to support Bluetooth.

The printers had the following features:
(1)Bluetooth support
The printers could communicate wirelessly with Bluetooth-capable computers (such as the NEC PC98-NX) with the optional Bluetooth printer adaptor.
(2)High-quality printing
A new print head gave superb 2400 x 1200 dpi print quality while remaining as fast as previous models.
(3)User-friendly functions
For more user convenience, the PICTY960 came with auto duplex printing so there was no need to reload paper, and the PICTY860’s folding paper tray could be stored when the printer was not in use for a more compact footprint.
(4)Better cost effectiveness
The PICTY760 offered better cost effectiveness because it printed in color at a maximum speed of four pages per minutes, twice the speed of the previous model, and with a maximum resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi while having the same retail price at the previous model.
(5)Easy setup
All models came with a USB cable standard and could be used without any troublesome setup if the computer had the PICTY printer driver preinstalled. And registered online users could choose and download from over 100,000 illustrations and photos on the Internet from the bundled Raku-chin Print for PICTY software.
Print process Inkjet process
Print speeds monochrome Text: 11 ppm Text: 9 ppm Text: 8 ppm
Print speeds color Documents: 8.5 ppm
Images: 5 ppm
Documents: 7.5 ppm
Images: 4.5 ppm
Documents: 4 ppm
Images: 2.5 ppm
Paper Paper tray capacity:
Plain paper and recycled paper (A4, B5, A5, A6, letter, custom size): 100 sheets
NEC cut sheets (A4): 70 sheets
NEC overhead transparencies (A4): 25 sheets
Glossy photo paper (A4, A6): 20 sheets
Prepaid postcard equivalent: 30 cards
NEC long-strip sheets (A4): 5 to 20 sheets
Envelopes (Chou 4, Chou 5, You 2): 15 envelopes
Label sheets (for inkjet printers): 20 sheets
Not available on the PICTY760
Card tray (PICTY960 only)
Prepaid postcard equivalent: 20 cards
Glossy photo paper (A6): 15 sheets
High-quality postcards: 14 cards
Operating conditions

5 − 38°C, 30 − 80% RH

Power consumption while printing
Power consumption Standby:
44W max.
44W max.
35W max.
External dimensions [mm] 440 x 196 x 370 (w x d x h) 440 x 196 x 400 (w x d x h) 446 x 195 x 355 (w x d x h)
Weight [] 5.9/6.7
(with auto duplex module attached)
5.7 5.5