【NEC】 MULTINA i2000 / MULTINA Ai7000 / MULTINA Ai7000D

NEC, in May 1996, announced three models of networked multifunctionals, called the MULTINA series. These multifunctionals combined the functions of a fax machine, printer, and copier that had existed separately in offices, simplified the transfer of data from computers, and enabled data processing.
The MULTINA series consisted of the i2000, which communicated by email with Windows 95 computers and was the first machine in the industry that could email or fax from a computer using the same control and the Ai7000 (a G3 model) and the Ai7000D (a G4 model) that combined the functions of a fax machine, printer, and copier and had a network printer function that supported various LAN protocols.

Features of the units:
  • (1)It had a fax server function that linked with Microsoft Exchange to enable users to send and receive faxes over a LAN from their own computer in the same way as sending an email. Users could check received faxes on their fax inbox screen.
  • (2)Using Windows 95’s standard Microsoft fax communication procedure, it was possible to communicate between Windows 95 machines and the i2000 by email and to distribute received data and fax images to selected computers on the LAN.
  • (3)Multiple computers on a LAN could access the i2000 as a network printer or network scanner.

The Ai7000 and Ai7000D had the following features:
  • (1)These models came standard with a printer function, as well as a plain-paper laser fax and digital copier functions, and they supported two simultaneous computer connections. As an option, they supported multiple computer access as a network printer on a LAN.
  • (2)NEC’s Check & Go function made a sample print before sending scanned documents or computer-created documents. After the user checked the sample print, the machine sent the document directly from memory, making operations more efficient while avoiding degradations in image quality.
  • (3)Because the machines could fax a standard A4 page in just four seconds (in G3 mode), the fastest in the industry, they dramatically reduced communication costs. Their document scanning speed of 0.9 seconds was also the fastest in the industry.
  • (4)The copy function delivered top quality thanks to a 400 dpi resolution and ultrafine toner particles. It also offered multiple editing functions.
  • (5)The large, easy-to-read LCD touch panel and the multi-access function, which simultaneously processed multiple operations, such as document scanning, printing, and sending and receiving faxes, gave the machines excellent operability.
Print process Multifunctional fax (desktop model) Multifunctional fax /standalone fax (multiport option available)
Fax document size B4 max. A3 max. (can be faxed at 100% magnification)
Page feeder capacityPage feeder capacity 20 sheets 300 sheets standard, 1,200 sheets max.
Effective scan size A4:208mm B4:254mm A4: 208mm,B4: 254mm,A3: 294mm
Effective print size A4:202mm A4: 200 mm, B4: 247 mm, A3: 287 mm Auto reduction from A3 to B4 or A4 and from B4 to A4
Page sizes A4/B4 A3, B4, A4 (portrait and landscape), B5 (landscape), A5 (landscape)
Communication modes ITU-T G3 G3 (G4 support available as an option) G4/G3
Scan line density 8 x 3.85 lines/mm, 8 x 7.71 lines/mm, 8 x 15.4 lines/mm, 16 x 15.4 lines/mm
G4: 200 x 100 dots/inch, 200 x 200 dots/inch, 400 x 400 dots/inch
Fax send time 〜6 s 〜4 s 〜3 s
Modem speeds 14.4, 12, 9.6, 7.2, 4.8, and 2.4 kbps G3: 14.4, 12, 9.6, 7.2, 4.8, and 2.4 kbps
G4: 64 and 56 kbps
Power consumption ~40 W or less (energy-savings mode: ~25 W or less) ~300 W max. Standby: 〜160W
Sending: 〜80W 
Receiving: 〜400W 
Copying: 〜430W 
Max.: 〜700W
External dimensions [mm] 375 x 377 x 347 (w x d x h) excluding protruding parts Single-cassette version: 604 x 720 x 652 (w x d x h)
Four-cassette version: 604 x 720 x 888 (w x d x h)
Weight 〜15kg Single-cassette version: 66 kg
Double-cassette version: 72 kg
Triple-cassette version: 77 kg
Four-cassette version: 82 kg
Print resolution 400dpi 400 dpi for both portrait and landscape prints
Print speed 〜4 pages/min. A3: ~9 pages/min., B4: ~10 pages/min., A4: ~15 pages/min., B5: ~18 pages/min.
Scanning speed Copying speed 8 pages/min.(standard mode)
Copying speed: A4 landscape: 15
pages/min., A4 portrait: 11 pages/min.

MULTINA i2000MULTINA Ai7000/7000D