【NEC】 PC-PR101/TN103A and PC-PR101/T165A

NEC announced two printer models, the PC-PR101/TN103A and PC-PR101/T165A, in October 1993. Despite having 400 dpi resolution and coming standard with outline fonts, the printers sold for less than 100,000 yen. The PC-PR101/TN103A was a small, lightweight notebook-sized printer capable of battery operation that offered high quality printing despite being priced under 100,000 yen. The PC-PR101/T165A, also priced under 100,000 yen, was a high-speed printer that could print Japanese text at 165 characters per second.

Features of the units:
  • (1)It featured excellent portability because it was small and lightweight — just 316 x 185 x 58 millimeters (w x d x h) and 1.6 kilograms. It could print in locations without AC power by using the separately sold battery pack.
  • (2)The standard sheet feeder could be removed or attached depending on the application: for example, attached when using the printer in the office and removed when using the printer on the road.
  • (3)Because it had 400 dpi resolution and came with outline fonts, the PC-PR101/TN103A offered high-quality printing despite being priced under 100,000 yen. It came standard with Mincho, Gothic, and Mouhitsu typefaces. Users could select the appropriate typeface for their application.
  • (4)There were three levels of reduced print sizes, one-half, two-thirds, and four-fifths, as well as a 120-percent enlarged print size. The print size could be selected easily with the panel switches.
  • (5)The PC-PR101/TN103A had the following special printing functions that make use of the characteristics of the thermal print process.
    • LabecaFREE: create custom plastic labels and stickers
    • Print Gokko master print: create a direct CD master of B6 prints for Print Gokko printers
    • Banner prints: create horizontal banners and curtains
    • Iron-on-transfer prints: transfer prints made on special paper to T-shirts or other cloth goods using an iron
  • (6)Printed at 103 characters per second, which was fast for a notebook-sized printer. The 64-dot head could print underlined or filled-in characters in one pass.
  • (7)The PC-PR101/TN103A could print cut sheets and postcards in eight colors using a color ink ribbon cartridge.
  • (8)Supported 400 dpi fine-quality printing from Windows 3.1 software applications.